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As a mobility scooter user, going on vacation can seem like an arduous task. However, with a little bit of planning, you can enjoy a fun-filled and enjoyable getaway. Here are some tips to help your vacation experience smooth and stress-free.

Arrive Early to the Airport

If you are flying and require screening arrangements, make sure to get to the airport ahead of time. A slight delay can lead to missing the flight and having to reschedule. Combat this by arriving to the airport early so you have plenty of time for the screening procedure.

Make Sure Your Hotel is Accessible

When booking accommodations, you should always make sure the hotel is accessible. Prior to booking, it can be helpful to look at reviews online or speak with the hotel representative. It may be useful to ask questions like: Are there outlets close to the bed to charge your scooter? What height is the bed? Are there grab rails and other fixtures that make the room and bathroom accessible? 

Research Attractions

Prior to your vacation, a great thing to do in preparation is to research local attractions in the area. This can help you find barrier free restaurants and shops as well as places of interest to visit during your trip. A great place to look would be in barrier-free forms and blogs. There are also tons of travel guides and resources  for mobility-chair users.

Avoid Group Tours

While some may be accommodating, group tours aren’t designed around mobility-scooter users and you may find yourself in a situation without accommodations or a place that isn’t accessible to the differently-abled. A better use for your time and money would be to ask your hotel concierge as well as locals about local attractions that are scooter accessible.

Quality, long-lasting mobility scooters can help differently-abled individuals regain their freedom. As specialists in mobility solutions, we provide a wide range of equipment designed to help you maintain your independence and improve your quality of life. For all your mobility scooter needs, contact Mobility Toys 909-944-9300 today!

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