Travel Scooters or Foldable Mobility Scooter: Which is Best for Your Vacation

When shopping for a mobility scooter for your next vacation, it’s likely that you are deciding between a travel mobility scooter or a foldable mobility scooter. There are pros and cons to both types of mobility scooters, here are some major differences between the two to help you determine the best option for your needs. 

Travel-sized Mobility Scooter

Travel-sized mobility scooters are a great option for those that need a mobility chair with a smaller profile. These models generally weigh from around 80 to 150 lbs and are intended for individuals that weigh between 250-300 lbs. These are great for those seeking a mobility scooter that is capable of medium-long drives. 

Foldable Mobility Scooters 

Foldable-style mobility scooters are one of the lightest models available. Foldable mobility scooters are designed for easy storage and portability in mind. These foldable-style scooters are extremely lightweight with an average weight of 55-60 lbs and has a weight capacity of up to 250lbs. Foldable mobility scooters are ideal for those that are looking for a portable scooter that can fold away for easy storage when not in use. These scooters are best suited for traveling short-medium distances.

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