How to Make Your Bathroom More Accessible

If you are differently-abled, using the bathroom can be difficult. However, accessing the bathroom is important to everyday function. Here are some ways you can make your bathrooms more accessible for differently-abled individuals.

Slip-proof flooring

Mobility-impaired individuals have a higher chance of slipping, especially on wet surfaces. They are also more likely to get seriously injured from slipping and falling. Slip-resistant coating should be applied to all floors in the bathroom, especially the shower or bathtub floor. This is an easy and affordable to prevent accidents in the bathroom.

Shower seat

For those with difficulty standing, showering can be a difficult task. Equipping your bathroom with a shower seat makes it possible for differently-abled individuals to shower. Shower seats also greatly reduced the chance of injury in the shower by preventing slipping and falling.

Grab bars

Installing grab bars and rails to your bathroom is one of the most important additions you can make to make your bathroom more accessible. Grab bars installed around the toilet, and inside and around the bath can make moving around the bathroom easier for mobility-impaired individuals.

Accessibility and reach

One of the most important factors of a handicap-accessible bathroom is that everything is easy to access and reach. Make sure that the entrances are wide enough to allow for mobility chairs and scooters and that sink and other important accommodations are easily reachable.

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