How to Care for Your Mobility Scooter

For people with limited mobility, a mobility scooter may be one of the only ways they can travel freely. Like cars, mobility scooters require scheduled maintenance to operate properly and can break down or malfunction if maintenance is neglected. Here are some tips to help you keep your mobility scooter in working condition.

Read the Manual Thoroughly

The best way to ensure that your mobility scooter remains in working condition is to make sure you are using it properly. Every scooter is different, you should always carefully read the manual that comes with your mobility scooter to find out the manufacturer suggested limitations and service period.

Have Your Scooter Inspected

Upon reading the manual, you will find manufacturer suggested periods for maintenance. However, this doesn’t mean you should wait until your mobility scooter is broken before getting a repair. The manufacturer will also suggest how often you should get your scooter inspected. You should always have your mobility scooter inspected by a registered mechanic to make sure everything is in order and doesn’t require repair. Trained scooter mechanics will ensure that everything is in working order and that there aren’t any potential issues.

Battery Maintenance

Your battery is the most important part of your mobility scooter. This is why it’s important to ensure that your battery is a good condition. Without a properly working battery, your mobility scooter won’t work properly or at all. Every scooter battery is different; some manufacturers require batteries to be completely discharged, while others require it to fully charged. Nonetheless, never overcharge batteries as it can decrease the life of the battery.

Check the Tires

Similar to the battery, your tires are also one of the most crucial parts of your mobility scooter. Your tires should always be checked to make sure there aren’t any leaks and that the air pressure is even.

Making sure that your mobility scooter is properly maintained is important to the longevity of your scooter. For all your mobility scooter needs, contact us or call 909-944-9300 today!

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