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Selecting a Wheelchair Looking for a wheelchair for quick trips to the store or to get you out on the court? You have come to the right place. is the #1 provider of mobility products on the internet and has the selection and expertise to help get you the wheelchair you need at a price that beats anything around. There are a lot of choices out there when choosing a manual wheelchair, making sure you get one that fits your needs and your budget is what we are experts at. The following brief descriptions should help get you on your way. If all your questions aren't answered, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Transport Wheelchairs - With their four small wheels and light weight, transport chairs are the perfect choice for transporting someone to and from the car or around the mall. They also are narrower than standard wheelchairs, making them a good choice for tight hallways and narrow doorways around the house.

Standard Weight Wheelchairs - With weights starting at 31 lbs. and up, the standard weight wheelchair is the entry point for wheelchairs that are able to be self-propelled. A full selection is available from the most basic to models that have available options such as elevating legrests and removable armrest.

Lightweight Wheelchairs - With weights ranging from 27 - 26 lbs., a lightweight manual wheelchair is a great choice for those that have their heart set on styling and options and their eye on the bottom line.

Ultralightweight Wheelchairs - With wheelchair weights as low as 10.7 lbs. and available in both rigid and folding models, these chairs are for the both the full-time advanced user who demands performance and for those who want the lightest chair possible for ease of use and transport.

Sport Wheelchairs - Take it to the hoop or to the mountains, this category covers it all. With wheelchairs for everything from tennis and basketball to skis and handcycles, we can get you the right equipment for whatever pastime you choose.

Tilt/Recline Wheelchairs - These wheelchairs are a little bit more involved. A reclining back is a great option for those who spend the majority of their time in their wheelchairs as it offers more positions. And a tilt wheelchair offers alternative positioning and pressure relief for those who are unable to re-position themselves. Both of these options add weight to the wheelchair, so keep this in mind if easy transport is a concern.

Heavy Duty Wheelchairs - With weight capacities ranging from 300 to 650 pounds, these heavy duty wheelchairs can accommodate users that standard wheelchairs cannot.