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Ultralightweight Wheelchairs

Buy Ultralightweight Wheelchairs at Mobility Toys. Free shipping. Find Ultra Lightweight, Aluminum and Titanium Wheelchairs. Brands include Sunrise/Quickie, TiLite, Drive and Invacare. Our selection of ultralightweight wheelchairs start at just 14 lbs. and are fully customizable to suit your needs.

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Choosing an Ultralightweight Wheelchair Almost every wheelchair manufacturer has a line of ultralightweight wheelchairs, so there is a lot of variety. It can be confusing, but we have broken them down into three major categories to help you find the right chair. The three categories are Rigid, Folding and Titanium Rigid and Folding. The following overviews and tips should answer some questions and help get you on your way. Always remember, we have ultralightweight chair users and experts on staff, so don't hesitate to call and ask for help in finding the chair and options that are going to work best for you.

Rigid Ultralightweight Wheelchairs

Rigid wheelchairs are by far the most popular choice in ultralightweight wheelchairs. A rigid frame eliminates the additional hardware and mechanisms of a folding frame, lightening up the weight and increasing the response and performance. These wheelchairs have a long list of options including the basics like push handles and flip-up armrests to Spinergy SPOX wheels and light-up front casters.

Folding Ultralightweight Wheelchairs

If you need to transport your wheelchair behind the seat of your car or can't live without swing-away legrests but don't want to sacrifice weight or performance, then a folding ultralightweight wheelchair is the choice for you. These wheelchairs offer all the options of a rigid wheelchair with the necessary benefit of being able to fold up with a tug on the seat upholstery.

Titanium Ultralightweight Wheelchairs

Titanium is the material of choice these days for its lightness, strength, durability and the built-in shock absorption of the metal. SpinLife carries both folding and rigid titanium chairs. Titanium wheelchairs are generally more expensive and may take a little longer to build (about 10-14 days instead of 3-5 days), but they are the chair of choice for our staff members. If you can swing the price difference, they are your absolute best choice.

Sport Chairs

Whether your weekends find you skiing moguls, shooting baskets or handcycling the boardwark, SpinLife has the product you need to make the most of whatever you do for fun. We offer a full line of sports products from major manufacturers and at prices that will eave you with some left over for your lift ticket or a new basketball.