Lift Chairs

Lift Chairs
UPEASY Seat Assist Portable Lifting Seat -
UPEASY Power Seat -
Pride Specialty LC-105 3-Position -
Pride Home Decor NM-158 3-Position -
Pride Home Decor NM-225 3-Position -
Pride Classic LC-250 3-Position (LC-30) -
Pride Heritage LC-358 Line 3-Position -
Pride Home Decor NM-475 3-Position -
Pride Home Decor NM-435 3-Position -
Pride Oasis LC-380 3-Position -
Pride Specialty Wall Hugger LC-835 2-Position -
Golden Technologies Comforter PR-505 3-Position -
Pride Heritage LC-358XL 3-Position -

Selecting a Lift Chair

Mobility Toys offers you a comprehensive selection of lift chairs to meet your every need, ranging from a basic two-position electric recliner all the way to an infinite-position electric recliner. SpinLife has chosen Golden Technologies and Pride Lift Chairs as our vendors of choice for their quality manufacturing processes and their creative product development.

Don't know which electric recliner to choose? Not sure where to start? The following brief overview of what's available among the electric recliner selection should help get you on your way.

Two Position Lift Chairs - A two-position lift chair has a sitting position, a reading position, and a lifted or standing position. These models are the most economical and come in a variety of fabrics and styles. These lift chairs are perfect if you're searching for the most affordable Golden Technologies or Pride lift chair.

Three Position Lift Chairs - A three-position lift chair has a sitting position, a lifted position, a reading position (which is a slight recline), and a recline position, which is sometimes called a "napping position". It is NOT a full recline. This is the most popular category for an electric recliner with a broad range of styles, features and prices to meet everyone's needs and budget.

Infinite Position Lift Chairs - For a full recline position (also called the Trendelenburg Position) which elevates the feet above the heart, select an 'Infinite Position' lift chair. The Infinite Position electric recliner chairs have dual motors which allow you to control the footrest and the back independently, and they recline fully, allowing you to use the chair for sleeping. One model even has a mattress and sheet set option. These are for you if you're looking for the most versatile lift chair.

Heavy Duty Lift Chairs - Most lift chairs can accommodate up to 375 pounds. If you need a higher weight capacity we have a wide selection to choose from, with weight capacities up to 700 pounds. Most have dual motors to ensure powerful operation and reduce wear on the motors of the electric recliner with long-term use. Liftchairs in this category are also available to accommodate those who are taller than average.

Seat Lifts - Seat lifts are a great product that turns any chair in your home into a lift chair. They come in both manual and power models. They are a great choice for when price is a concern. Seat lifts are also great for traveling, whether it is to visit the grandkids or to the next room in your home. They switch from chair to chair with ease.