Which Mobility Scooter Is Right for Me?

When it comes to mobility, there is a huge range of equipment and tools that can improve your quality of life. Sometimes, the number of options can be overwhelming. Mobility scooters serve as a prime example. How do you know which one would serve your needs best?

At Mobility Toys, we’re experts in the field of mobility equipment. If you’re trying to pick the mobility scooter that best fits your needs, we can be your guide! Read on to learn more about the different kinds of mobility scooters and see which one might help you the most.

1. 3-Wheel Scooters

If you primarily need your scooter indoors, we recommend going with a 3-wheel motorized scooter. These scooters are best suited for smooth surfaces and spaces that necessitate a sharp turning radius. On top of that, these scooters offer a bit more leg room if needed.

2. 4-Wheel Scooters

People that will likely use their scooters outside often may want to go with a 4-wheel motorized scooter. They are better suited for rough or uneven terrain and offer higher ground clearance and added stability, which can also benefit heavier users. Finally, they also feature greater battery capacity, making them especially suited for excursions to the store or to a restaurant.

3. Travel Scooters

Both 3-wheel travel scooters and 4-wheel travel scooters have the ability to be disassembled for easy transport in a vehicle. This capability makes them ideal for longer trips away from home. The respective benefits of their non-travel versions still apply.

4. All-Terrain Scooters

For people that like the idea of a 4-wheel scooter well-suited to rough outdoor surfaces, the all-terrain scooter may be an even better option. While the all-terrain scooter features many of the same benefits, it also comes equipped with front and back wheel suspension, making it an even more powerful outdoor mobility aid.

5. Folding Scooters

Like travel scooters, folding scooters are perfect for people that need a light-weight mobility option. Because they are lighter than travel scooters, they even enable almost any user to fold them into multiple pieces for easy storage and transportation.

6. Heavy Duty Scooters

Users looking for the most powerful scooter option will likely want to go with the heavy duty bariatric scooters. These scooters are specifically designed for users that need the extra support for their weight. As an added bonus, heavy duty bariatric scooters are one of the fastest options available.

7. Recreational Scooters

Recreational scooters set themselves apart through their speed, style, and driving range. Users looking for a mobility solution designed specifically for pleasure can’t go wrong with a recreational scooter.

We hope this shed some light on all the scooter options that are available for you! As specialists in mobility solutions, we provide a wide range of equipment designed to help you maintain your independence and improve your quality of life. To learn more about how we can help you or a loved one, contact us online or call us at 909-944-9300 today!

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