How to Use Your Mobility Scooter on a Cruise

Cruises continue to be a popular vacation option for countless people around the world. The reasons are self-evident: cruises can offer great value for the money, you can visit multiple destinations without ever needing to change rooms, and you can avoid the hassle of dealing with airlines, among other perks. Although you may still face some challenges if you are mobility impaired, many cruises do allow passengers to utilize mobility scooters. The pros at Mobility Toys have put together a few tips and points to remember about using a mobility scooter on a cruise below!

Always ask. It never hurts to ask! As you are planning your trip, call ahead to several cruise lines. Ask them about their level of accessibility and any potential accommodations for individuals on mobility scooters. Look for cruises that can provide special rooms that feature doors wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs and scooters. Some cruises even have lifts for pools and hot tubs, automatic sensors on doors throughout the ship, and other quality of life features.

Bring the right mobility scooter. If you do not already own a lightweight, compact, and/or folding scooter, the investment may be well worth it before you embark on a cruise. Although most cruise lines must comply with certain requirements to help with accessibility (for example, having 32-inch wide doorways throughout the main parts of the ship), you may still run into narrow hallway corners or cramped elevators. A lightweight scooter that is easily manageable may make your vacation that much more enjoyable.

We hope these tips help make your next cruise as relaxing and fun as can be! To learn more about the mobility scooters and other accessibility products we offer at Mobility Toys, call 909-944-9300 or contact us online today!

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