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Walking Aids

Walking Aids

Walking Aids

We carry a full line of walking aids. Choose from lightweight folding-walkers with wheels and skis for mobility, or rubber tipped walkers for gait training and stability. Walkers with seats and hand-brakes, push-down brakes or no brakes. Walkers are available in a variety of sizes from Pediatric to Bariatric. Find multiple selections in each walker category for toddler, young adult, petite, Junior, adult, heavy-duty and Bariatric.





Choosing a Walker


Canes - The entry-level member of the ambulatory aids family, canes come in various styles so there is something for everyone.  Single point canes offer some stability, while quad canes will give more sturdy footing.  Quad canes are a better choice if the walking aid is for long-term usage.

Crutches - Whether it's a broken leg or a lifelong disability, we have a variety of standard crutches to choose from.  We have the most basic ones and forearm crutches.  Just be sure to pay attention to the height restrictions when ordering.

Standard Folding Walkers - These are the no-frills models that Medicare pays for. All models fold, making them easy to get in and out of the car or store away in a closet.  Most standard folding walker models also accommodate accessories such as wheels and brakes.

Rollators - These models are the top of the line and come in both three and four-wheeled models.  In addition to locking hand brakes and baskets, most of these rollator walker models offer a seat that's convenient for resting when it is just too far to walk.  This category also has rollator models that have pressure brakes if the user doesn't have the hand strength to operate the hand brakes.  Throw in the choice of colors and you have the best walkers out there.  Among the best in this category are Invacare walkers and our wide selection of Nova walkers.  Also, check out our selection of knee walkers and other specialty walkers.

Cane Strap
Universal strap for canes and can be put around the wrist when being used or...
Aloha Seat Cover
The Aloha Seat Cover from Nova adds style to your walker and fits on the Nova...
Deluxe Cane Holder
Nova’s innovative Cane Holder attaches to any walker and provides a perfect...
Walker Wheels - 3
For use with adult and junior walker models.
Wire Folding Walker Basket
The Nova Wire Folding Walker Basket attaches to the front of folding walkers....
The Flashlight adds extra light for safety in dark places and attaches to...
Rolling Walker Basket Cover
The Nova Rolling Walker Basket Cover Bag is made of a black nylon with velcro...
Seat and Back Walker Cover
Now your walker can make a statement with these fabulous seat and back covers!
Cup Holder
This cup holder attaches to the frame of your walker and works with all Nova....
Folding Walker Basket
The Nova Walker Basket is made of heavy gauge durable steel and includes a...
Universal Glamour Mobility Bag
The all new Universal Glamour Mobility Bag collection from Nova allows you to...
Mobility Hand Bag
Perfect for storing any necessities while using your walker or rollator.
Nova Quad Cane
The Nova Quad Cane features a lightweight design and low center of gravity...
Hanging Walker Bag
The Hanging Walker Bag from Nova attaches with velcro to the backrest of 4200...
Walker Wheel - 3" Fixed
Front wheel footpieces not only allow you to easily maneuver over surfaces...
Walker Wheels - 5" Pair
For use with adult and junior walker models. Wheels are sold as a pair.
Rear Wheel Brakes - 10
Invacare 10" rear wheel brakes can be used with 3" or 5" Single Fixed Wheel...
Walker Basket
Invacare walker baskets are the perfect solution for personal items with you.
Deluxe Folding Walker Bag
The Deluxe Folding Walker Bag is for 4070 and 4090 series folding walkers.
EuroStyle Lightweight Forearm Crutch
These EuroStyle Lightweight Forearm Crutches are made of heavy-duty aluminum,...
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