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Stair Lifts At Discount Prices – Buy Custom Fit Electric Stair Lifts

Stair Lifts

Stair Lifts

Is walking up your stairs at home becoming too much to handle? Then an easy-to-install stair lift might be a great option for your home. These units come custom cut to your specifications and you can choose from plug-in models and/or models that have battery back-up systems. And with weight capacities available up to 500 pounds and outdoor models, there is a stair lift for almost every need.
Harmar SL350AC Summit Indoor Stair Lift
* Mounts to stairs on either side of the staircase. * Foldable seat and...
Harmar SL400 VantAge Stair Lift
* Seat folds up for compact. * Fully-upholstered for maximum comfort....
Harmar SL350OD Summit Outdoor Stair Lift
* Installs on either side of staircase. * Can be plugged in on top or...
Harmar Alpine Stair Lift
Harmar SL600 Pinnacle Premium Stair Lift
* Lightest and narrowest stair lift on the market. * Safety sensors to...
Harmar SL600HD Pinnacle Heavy Duty Stair Lift
* Weight capacity of 600 lbs. * Can travel up to 40 feet. *...

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