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Buy Wheelchair Lifts and Wheelchair Carriers from Harmar - Mobility Toys

Lifts for Manual Wheelchairs
Buy manual wheelchair lifts at Mobility Toys. We offer free shipping and a 30-day return policy on all manual wheelchair lifts. And with brands like Harmar and Tilt-A-Rack Mobility, and prices starting at just $299, you're sure to find a manual wheelchair lift to fit your mobility needs. One of our top selling lifts for manual wheelchairs is the Harmar AL003 Tilt n Tote
Harmar Mobility Caddy Manual Wheelchair Carrier
The Harmar Mobility Caddy Manual Wheelchair Carrier is the most economical...
Harmar Mobility AL003 Tilt n Tote
Tilts up and down to easily put the wheelchair on or off the lift with no...
Harmar Mobility AL030 Power Tote
The AL030 Power Tote is fully powered for easy one-switch operation and...
Harmar Mobility AL825 Pickup 225 Speed Lift
* Can mount to both driver's and passenger's side of truck. * Takes up...
Harmar Mobility AL825CC Crew Cab 225 HD
* Mounts on both driver's and passenger's side. * Docking device...
Harmar Mobility AL815CC Crew Cab 150 Speed
The AL815CC Crew Cab 150 Speed lift is perfect for trucks with crew cabs and...

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