Outside Scooter Lifts and Scooter Carriers – Hitch Mounted Lifts

Interior Scooter lifts come in two forms, platform lifts and boom lifts. A Platform lift allows you to park your mobility scooter on a platform and raise it into your vehicle, while a boom lift operates much like a crane, lifting your scooter via a reinforced strap. Regardless of which type you prefer, our inside scooter lifts are backed with a low price guarantee and the best return policy on the web. Our best selling inside scooter lifts include the Silver Star Backpacker and the Harmar AL055.
Pride Silver Star BackPacker Plus -
Harmar AL215 Axis I -
Harmar AL225 Axis II Lite -
Harmar AL425 Axis II -
Harmar Mobility AL435 Axis III -
Harmar Mobility AL435T Tailgater 3-Axis Truck Lift -
Harmar AL600 Hybrid Wheelchair and Scooter -
Harmar Mobility AL625 Hybrid Van Lift -
Harmar AL690 Side-Door Hybrid Platforms -
Pride Mobility PrideBoom 250 -