ADA Compliant Pool Lifts

ADA Compliant Pool Lifts
ADA Compliant Pool Lift Mobility Toys has the best variety and prices on ADA Compliant Pool Lifts. We offer excellent advice and excellent service. As of January 31, 2013 ADA Compliant pool lifts will be required in all Title II and Title III pool and spa facilities, public and private. ADA Compliance standards can easily be met by purchasing one of these ADA Compliant pool and spa lifts. What makes a lift ADA compliant? 1. Minimum Lifting Capacity of 300 lbs. 2. Solid Seat at least 16” in width 3. Lift must have footrests* 4. User must be able to operate, without assistance, from the deck and water 5. Must not require tight grasping, pinching or twisting of the wrists to operate and not require more than 5 lbs. of force 6. Seat must have the ability to submerge into the water 18” below stationary water level *Footrests are not required for spa lifts. However, they are highly suggested.
Global Lift Corp Superior Series S-350 -
Proformance P-375 -
Aqua Creek Ranger Pool Lift with Anchor -
Aqua Creek Scout -
Global Lift Corp Commercial Series Pool Lift -
Aqua Creek The Pro Pool Lift -
S.R. Smith aXs Pool Lift -
Rotational Series -
S.R. Smith Splash! Pool Lift -
S.R. Smith Splash! Hi/Lo Pool Lift -
Aqua Creek Patriot Portable Pool Lift -
Aqua Creek Revolution Lift -
Aqua Creek Titan 600 -
S.R. Smith PAL Hi/Lo -